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Best Promotion In Cass County

Community Connect is a newly established business that deals with promotional products. We help local businesses in the Cass County area to gain more attraction and business.

We Offer Everything Your Business Needs

Whether you are just now getting off of your feet or you have been in the business game for twenty years, we want to help you! Community Connect is willing to do whatever is possible to get your business the things it needs. We use social media and we go out and talk to people about your business! Our slogan is “Bringing More Business To You” because that is what our goal is! We want to help your business grow and be the best it possibly can. We plan on making yearly consumers into monthly consumers, monthly consumers into weekly consumers, and weekly consumers into daily consumers.

Our Team

We have three people that currently work for Community Connect. Matthew Davenport is our founder/CEO of this wonderful business. Shelby Kennedy is our social media manager and PR. Kade Hill is our money management and bookkeeper. The greatest thing about all of us is that we want the absolute best for you and your business.


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Spoken languages:
English, Spanish

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